Economic analysis of the UK 15m and over scallop fishing fleet in ICES Area VII

The project:

An analysis of the economic performance of the king scallop fishing fleet in Area VII was conducted for the period 2006-2014. The objectives of the analysis were to describe the drivers affecting the profitability of the fleet and whether the implementation of the Western Waters Management Regime has had an impact on it, in order to determine if intervention is needed. MMO data on trips by UK 15m and over vessels targeting and landing king scallops in the period 2006-2014 were used in combination with costs data at vessel level from Seafish to inform the analysis.

Sakana’s role:

Our role was to help analyzing the data received by Seafish, draft the conclusions and participate in presentations to key stakeholders (fishermen representatives, administrations).




The report isĀ available on Researchgate