Ex post and ex ante evaluation of the protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU and the Republic of Gabon

The project:

This project was designed to inform

  • a  retrospective evaluation (‘ex post’) of the Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA)  between the EU and the Republic of Gabon, and
  • a prospective evaluation (‘ex ante’) of the potential renewal of this FPA.

The project involved looking at the sustainability of the fisheries of interest for the FPA as the specifics of the implementation of the current FPA and the associated sectoral support. It focused on highly migratory species passing through the Eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, i.e. tuna and tuna like species and the potential bycatch species associated with these fisheries.

Sakana’s role:

Our role was to perform the economic analysis and to provide inputs for the ex-post and the ex-ante analysis.


European Commission, DG Mare




The report is available on the DG MARE website.